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Warehouse expertise for logistics restructuring

27. May 2022, Reading time: 1 min 48 second

The VEDES GROUP operates in the toy industry and intended to reorganize its logistics in order to secure the existence of its affiliated retailers in the medium and long term. MALORG Consulting was commissioned to prepare an expert opinion to match the range of services offered by the Gießen Logistics Center (LZG) with Vedes/Intercontor’s performance requirements for a future central warehouse.

Prozessorganisation und Beratung bei der Einführung eines neuen Lagerverwaltungssystems Vedes Logo
  • Customers VEDES
  • Sectors: Trade and e-commerce
  • Consulting fields: Planning, Realization, Strategy

Corporate plans

  • Bundling of the flow of goods
  • Establishment of central distribution functions
  • Centralization of time-consuming or cost-intensive functions


  • Expert report
    • Principle use of the logistics center
    • Determination of which storage areas are suitable for use
    • Definition of necessary measures to adapt LZG requirements


  • As-is analysis: Determination of the structure and dimensioning of the central warehouse, the material and information flow, the area structure and capacities and static and dynamic data
  • Determination of target state
  • Scenario development


  • Extensive retrofitting, as the logistics center was statically overdimensioned and dynamically underdimensioned for the requirements at the time the expert opinion was prepared.



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