Lean Management

Avoid waste, discover potential – with lean management

Do you want to save costs and avoid waste along your value chain? MALORG Consulting is your contact on the subject of lean management. We advise you on various lean methods and plan their introduction with you in order to optimise your logistics processes and production processes. And we go further: Lean management is a way of thinking that has to be established in the company in order to be effective. We support you in creating an understanding of lean management in the company and the structures necessary for lean management.

At a glance

  • Value stream analysis of your processes from incoming goods to outgoing goods,
  • Representation of waste and potential in the actual process and
  • Creation of target processes in value stream design.

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Together with you, we pursue the goal of making production factors such as operating resources, materials and stocks more economical and planning, organizing and deploying your staff more efficient. Because the focus of lean management is on avoiding waste in your everyday processes, increasing quality and reducing costs. Your customers and the company benefit from this. Tell us about your company. Simply speak to us without obligation about the current requirements for your company. We will show you not only how to apply lean methods, but also how to start and maintain the improvement process.

With lean management, you align production to your customers

Lean means slim. But what exactly are “lean processes”? Put yourself in the shoes of your customers: They only want to pay what is useful and added value for them. Accordingly, it is important on your part to switch off all processes that do not add value from the customer’s point of view. You can produce more cost-effectively and offer products correspondingly cheaper. In the best case scenario, this will give your company a competitive advantage.

Perhaps the customer was already the focus of your company, but due to structures that have evolved over time, your material flow does no longer match the current market and customer requirements. With the keyword Lean Management, you can focus on your customers again and of course benefit from it in your company. Talk to us. We develop – with you – the right lean management strategy for your company. It is important that the will for constant improvement and change must be applied throughout the company. Lean management is teamwork. We accompany and support the rethinking process in your company.

Specifically, we ask: Where is the potential? It is possible that many buffer stores characterise your production before the individual processing steps of the pre-assembly and final assembly. Or individual machining centres in your production are underutilizedDThis is the case when individual processes are not optimally timed and coordinated with one another. Lean Management reveals where processes take too long and have a negative impact on the entire process chain. And uncovering is a good keyword: Because with Lean Management you want to make mistakes visible. Using the right lean methods, these errors can be eliminated in the future.

Lean Management uncovers errors and weaknesses.

Too many booking and handling steps – e.g. unnecessary transports or buffer spaces – ensures that production comes to a standstill. Overproduction, waiting times, production errors and high stocks are signs of waste. We analyse processes in their entirety. A clear process definition with intensive consideration and description of all interfaces ensures disclosure and avoidance of waste. Avoid with us what can be avoided.

Internalise the lean idea

And talk to us – your neutral partner: We support you in bringing your production and your customers into focus and ensuring that individual sub-areas interlock smoothly. Anyone who is used to everyday processes does not always notice waste. If you pursue lean management, however, it is essential to question what is taken for granted.

Lean Management: Kanban als Bestandteil des Toyota Production System.

We examine the processes in the company for their contribution to added value and identify possible improvements. At the beginning we present the relevant production processes by means of a value stream analysis. To do this, we select one or more articles that are frequently produced and in demand. We accompany the article backwards from the goods issue to the goods receipt and log the storage locations including the number of goods stored and the duration of storage up to the next production step, the production locations including their processing time, set-up time and number of employees. We also take the delivery and shipping cycles into account.

As indicated above, lean management focuses not only on your customers but also on your company as a team. Your managers and every employee should internalise and support the Lean concept. This is where the production system accepted by Toyota worldwide as the leading (Toyota Production System, TPS). The aim of the TPS is a customer-oriented, low-waste, error-free, flexible, robust and employee-oriented company.

The logistics consultants at MALORG Consulting are proficient in handling the solution approaches and tools from the TPS

  • Kanban/supermarkets to realise your production according to the pull principle
  • Hejunka to smooth and synchronise your production
  • 5S to optimise workplace design
  • Poka Yoke to avoid simple mistakes
  • Kaizen to drive a continuous improvement process
  • Routenzüge to optimise transport routes

Lean Management is teamwork

Lean management means that your employees recognise and address mistakes and have the motivation to develop solutions to avoid them in the future. With Lean Management you don’t strive for a specific point in time, but always pursue the goal of becoming better and being able to react flexibly to changes in the market and in the company. Are you ready? We are there with you and look forward to a message from you. Find out how we can support you in rethinking and make lean management part of your corporate philosophy. All you need to do is contact us without obligation – by phone or email to your contact person (see above) or using our contact form.