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Plan your logistics IT with us and equip your company with the right IT systems

Are you wondering how you can fully exploit your increasingly complex logistics processes or are you planning changes to the IT structure of your company? If your logistics are becoming more and more demanding and your current merchandise management system (ERP) is no longer sufficient, you should think about a new IT strategy and, for example, about the introduction of a new warehouse management system (WMS). Or do you already have a good IT strategy, but need support in selecting the right IT solutions and processes? With a suitable material flow control and possible automation, you can achieve your goal of predictive control and optimal control of the flow of goods.
Regardless of where you are, the consultants and planners at MALORG Consulting analyse your situation and support you with your project so that you can remain competitive in the future. 

At a glance

  • Analysis of your IT processes
  • Conception of your new IT structure

but also

  • Adjustments in your existing IT solution
  • Optimising the flow of information
  • Process definitions as part of a new system implementation

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Lars Pozimski

What point are you at right now? How we can support you in analysing your situation and creating a concept for your IT strategy, read in the first section “IT strategy”. If you are one step further and need support with your process planning, then you can read important information about “IT process planning” below.

IT strategy: new requirements? - We evaluate your situation and create your concept

When is the right time to deal more intensively with the company’s own IT processes? A classic starting point that occurs with many of our customers are new process requirements. These new requirements can be caused by various factors. These are for example:
  • Growth and the associated higher throughput
  • Restructuring of physical processes
  • Introduction of an online shop
  • Outsourcing to a logistics service provider
  • Automation

We want to understand your individual requirements and needs in order to develop the optimal IT strategy for you.

Understanding your requirements and needs in the field of IT is of enormous importance for our cooperation. In order to develop the best possible solutions for your IT, we discuss various aspects that are necessary for the evaluation of your IT strategy in joint target concept workshops.

Typical topics in such SOLL concept workshops are:

  • Multi-client capability: Are there several clients under one roof, but whose processes should all be managed in one WMS?
  • Multi-warehouse: Does your company have several warehouses at different locations and do you want to keep an eye on stocks and processes centrally via one system?
  • Master data: Which master data must be kept in the warehouse? Do you need batch management? Do you need to manage best-before dates? Which packaging data do you manage?
  • Picking strategy: what is your picking strategy? Would you like to pick in one or two stages? Do you consolidate goods from different storage areas?
  • Shipping: Do you work in the B2C or B2B sector? Do you need a connection to a CEP service provider system?
  • Degree of automation: do you use automated warehouses? Is there any conveyor technology that does sorting? Are there picking aids connected to the IT such as pick-by-light or data glasses?

Compare, evaluate, recommend: which concept variant suits you?

Based on the results of the SOLL concept workshops, we evaluate various strategic concepts by considering and comparing them in terms of effort, investment, flexibility and benefit. It is our aim to convert your ideas into functional and economical systems. We go through the worked out variants that are suitable for your company in another joint workshop. This gives you an overview of your options, which we can then evaluate. We will summarise the results of the workshop into a recommendation for you.

You will soon find out with us which changes are necessary in your IT infrastructure and which are also useful in order to exploit previously unused potential. Our consultants are at your disposal for the entire procedure – from the analysis of the processes and the introduction of new systems to stable operation. We consider planning, organisational and technical aspects. We look forward to a message from you. Give us a call or write an e-mail – directly to your contact person or via our contact form – and tell us about your request.
Die Logistikberater der MALORG Consulting entwickeln mit Ihnen die richtige IT-Strategie.
Ihr Logistikberater: Die MALORG Consulting unterstützt Sie bei der Umsetzung der richtigen IT-Strategie.

IT process planning: We develop a tailor-made concept for transparent processes with you

On the basis of a developed concept for the future IT strategy of your company, we detail the requirements and functions that your future IT solution must meet. Regardless of whether the current IT system is to be modernised or a completely new IT system is to be introduced. For example, in the context of a new logistics building, in which we plan a tailor-made IT concept for you, taking into account the new warehouse technology, new logistics IT processes and the new material flow. The goal is predictive control and optimal control of the flow of goods. This requires transparent IT solutions for warehouse and logistics that enable efficient processes and with which you can also keep an eye on your entire logistics network.

In joint workshops on your individual TARGET IT processes

First, we analyse the actual processes and define the requirements for the new logistics IT system together with you and your employees. We then design the individual target processes in successive workshops. All processes from incoming goods to outgoing goods as well as the required interfaces are discussed. Possible topics of the workshops are, for example:
  • Storage: Are there different storage areas – shelf, flow channel, pallet? What strategy is used to distribute the goods to the storage areas?
  • Storage strategy: Do you need random or fixed storage space?
  • Picking: U-shape or zigzag picking? How many orders are processed simultaneously with multi-order picking?
  • Packaging: Do packaging regulations such as box sizes have to be observed? Which shipping documents need to be printed?
We use the workshops to discuss these and other relevant topics with your project team. Based on our project experience, we are able to identify further optimisation potential and also to discuss it with you. Our logistics consultants attach great importance to care and consider the process details. This includes the definition and recording of special processes. You can be sure that we will work with you to design the best possible logistics IT solution for your company. Your employees are an integral part of this phase. You have valuable experience in daily use of the active IT system and know its strengths and weaknesses. Findings that should flow into the planning of future logistics IT processes.

Impressions of IT process planning

Ihr Logistikberater: Die MALORG Consulting unterstützt Sie bei der Planung Ihrer IT-Prozesse.
Ihr Logistikberater: Die MALORG Consulting unterstützt Sie bei der Planung Ihrer IT-Prozesse.
Logistik-IT: Logistikberatung MALORG Consulting unterstützt Sie bei der Planung Ihrer IT-Prozesse.

We describe your IT processes and create the specifications for you

Regardless of whether you want to modernise your existing warehouse management system or want to introduce a new warehouse management system (WMS), MALORG Consulting supports you with a detailed description of the relevant processes. To do this, we either carry out a DELTA comparison with the existing actual processes in order to identify new requirements, or we completely rewrite your IT processes.
In both cases, our consultants create a detailed specification sheet for you, which is ultimately also the basis for a subsequent tender and the selection of suitable software. In addition to the process description, the specification sheet contains other important chapters relating to the introduction of a new WMS: for example service contracts, server structures or interface definitions. We will also accompany you after the specification sheet has been drawn up and work with you to select the right WMS provider.
Think future-oriented: A modernisation of your logistics IT structures will help you to exploit potential that you are currently not exploiting. Talk to us about goods control, material flow control, inventory overview and status tracking. Our consultants and planners will show you where the potential lies in your logistics IT. We look forward to hearing from you with your request.
Take advantage of the non-binding opportunity to send us an email – directly to your contact person (see above) or via our contact form. You are also welcome to contact us by phone.