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Factory logistics concept for Airbus Stade

31. May 2022, Reading time: 1 min 59 second

Airbus is the world’s second-largest manufacturer of commercial aircraft with more than 100 seats and maintains the site for the production of vertical stabilizers in Stade, among other locations. The expansion of production to include tail units for the A380 wide-body aircraft necessitated extensive new hall construction and changes in floor space allocation and material flow. The MALORG Consulting team coordinated and supported several projects.

Werklogistikkonzept für Airbus Stade Logo
  • Customers Airbus
  • Sectors: Industry
  • Consulting fields: Planning, Realization

Project Management

  • Establishment of the company’s internal logistics team
  • Creation of an overall logistics concept
  • Preliminary study: overview of all current and planned topics as well as open potential > Realization of further projects

Project details

  • AKL with tray technology
    • 70% of the assembly parts are picked according to the goods-to-man principle
    • Increase of productivity in the warehouse
    • Error prevention
    • Guarantee of timely provision of assembly parts
  • Adaptation of existing warehouse technology
  • Realization of a deep-freeze warehouse with mobile racks
  • Optimization of warehouse processes

New concept for inner hall transport

  • Quality assurance of carbon fibers through a new transport concept with side loaders and special component carts for fast and easy reloading in upstream airlocks.
  • Airlocks as interfaces between out-of-hall and in-hall transports
  • Reduction of handling effort
  • Weather-protected transport of long goods by specially developed side loader with automated load pick-up and transfer
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