Supply Chain Management

Process-oriented: from raw materials to the customer's request

Modern supply chain management (SCM) pursues the holistic review of the value chain. The alignment of your supply chain determines how quickly and at what cost the products reach your customers. It is important to coordinate the flow of materials from the extraction of raw materials to the finished product for the end consumer. We support you in this. Extensive communication and information networks as well as cooperation between companies come into focus.

At a glance

  • Review of the entire value chain beyond company boundaries
  • Strengthening the cooperation with your suppliers
  • Implementation of appropriate optimization measures

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Find out with us potential that has not yet been used

Do you have an eye on which savings opportunities your supply chain offers and where? Benefit from our experience in supply chain management. A high level of service and secure availability of materials and information are your keys to efficient and economical business. Our consultants consider the departments of logistics, purchasing, production, distribution, disposal and transport interdependently. Which decision affects the individual areas and how?
The goal is smooth and efficient processes for your company and your customers. Lean management concepts beyond your own company boundaries help to develop potential and increase added value. In this context, we work with you to develop inbound strategies and supplier logistics concepts such as just-in-time, just-in-sequence, C-part management and vendor managed inventory (VMI).

Practical example: Identifying potential, applying suitable solutions

Potential: A company receives goods from a large number of different suppliers – each in the supplier’s packaging. For the further process, the goods must be repacked in the company’s own packaging.
Solution: The Company can supply its suppliers with its own packaging by exchanging full / empty containers. This way they can produce directly in there. In practical experience, suppliers deliver the goods and, in return, take empty containers with them for production. Everyone involved benefits from this: Suppliers save on packaging procurement because they use the packaging free of charge. By minimizing empty truck trips, the supplier also saves on transport costs. The company, in turn, saves costs by eliminating the need for repackaging.
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Create, test and implement cooperative concepts

MALORG Consulting supports you in rethinking and optimizing. We develop tailor-made supply chain strategies for your company and implement them together with you, going step by step. Based on a potential analysis and the corresponding definition of goals, we design cooperative supply chain business processes with you and your business partners. We check concepts for their practicality and economic viability. This happens among other things by simulating future scenarios. Our consultants pursue these five goals with you:

  1. Tighten organisation, improve internal and external communication
  2. Reduce lead times
  3. Optimisation of the entire inventory in terms of costs and availability
  4. Increase flexibility with regard to increasing customer requirements
  5. Improve productivity

After a successful validation, an implementation plan forms the basis for the implementation of the decided measures. MALORG Consulting supports you in evaluating and selecting suitable supply chain software. Modern IT systems and comprehensive networking open up increased transparency for all business processes and enable event-oriented control of transport flows. With sustainable inventory management, you can make your company more flexible. The creation of a controlling model and control cockpit (KPI) ensures the quality of your planning and control data. Are you looking for advice and support in the area of supply chain management? Are you pursuing the goal of increasing your added value?

Communicate your concerns with us either by phone or email – directly to your contact person or using our contact form. Our consultants look forward to talking to you about your plans and logistics visions.