Strategic plant planning and master plan development

Develop sustainable logistics locations for your company with us

As a manufacturing company, are you facing the challenge of further developing logistics locations? Or are you currently considering a new plant on a newly acquired property?

At a glance

  • Feasibility study
  • medium to long-term plant development
  • Brown and Greenfield concepts
  • step-by-step implementation plan
  • Selection of the best strategic long-term solution

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The challenges regarding reorganization and further development of plant structures at the existing logistics location should not be underestimated. On the one hand, the optimization measures should be close to the optimum of a Greenfield solution, and on the other hand, ongoing operations must not be disrupted by the restructuring. We would be happy to support you in accepting this challenge. We also work with our customers to explore the land they have acquired in order to plan new plants and put them into operation. In both cases we pursue one goal: the development of sustainable locations.

Define requirements and avoid waste

Today, sustainable logistics locations are strongly characterized by the ability to deliver in the shortest time possible. Short lead times, increased flexibility with simultaneously reduced use of resources and process costs are requirements that therefore play an important role in our planning. In your plant, all processes in the value stream should be linked with one another in such a way that a flow is created and waste is avoided. Sustainable means planning in the medium and long term. Where should your path lead? Tell us your goals – we will go and shape the way there with you. In addition to the development of strategic goals and corresponding concepts, we define the requirements for your plant, consider all relevant functional areas and carry out the area projection for logistics, production and administration.

Align logistical processes to the production flow - plan logistics locations correctly

In Greenfield planning, we carry out ideal and restriction planning. First of all, it is important to separate yourself from existing restrictions and obstacles: Open yourself to innovations. First, we analyse and determine the vertical range of manufacture. Then, we structure the production. We pursue the goal of optimizing your value stream and production flow. We plan the internal logistical processes and their arrangement based on this, taking into account your production flow. Our focus is on avoiding waste. This includes unnecessary handling steps and work-in-process inventories (WIP). In addition, we plan and integrate sensible decoupling buffers on the one hand to increase productivity and flexibility and on the other hand to reduce reaction times to market requirements. Accordingly, we determine all investment costs for land, construction, logistics and planning costs as well as operating costs for energy, personnel and maintenance.

Entwickeln Sie Ihre Logistikstandorte und Werke mit den Beratern und Planern der MALORG Consulting.
Planen und entwickeln Sie Ihre Logistikstandorte mit den Logistik-Experten der MALORG Consultung.

Do not consider Greenfield and Brownfield planning separately

The subsequent design of your plant is based on the Greenfield planning. This step can also be particularly helpful for you to be able to take an unbiased look at your ideas, plans and specifications.

Brownfield planning should always be based on Greenfield planning – even if a Greenfield concept is not considered.

Greenfield planning enables existing barriers and restrictions not to hamper the vision. From the Greenfield result, the Brownfield concept is finally derived – also possibly several variants – which we compare and evaluate qualitatively and economically for your company. For both a Greenfield and Brownfield concept, our consultants consider modular expansion options, as long as this is possible on the property in question. We will determine the corresponding capacity and performance limits. This way you get a comprehensive picture of opportunities and limits and get to know options that you may not have considered before.

Everything in flow, everything in terms of your competitiveness

We then develop suitable layout variants, which we discuss together. In the course of planning, we determine how you can design your material flow as efficiently as possible, achieve flexible use of space and a low-inventory material supply, implement optimized and cost-effective warehouse structures and benefit from lean production – with the best possible support from logistics. Which conditions have to be met in the context of plant planning and design as well as production control so that they work together successfully? Our production planners and logistics consultants will investigate this question for you.

After selecting the layout variant to be implemented, we will support you in the implementation based on a step-by-step plant development plan. Our consultants create a migration and relocation concept that ensures a smooth transition and should avoid disruptions in ongoing plant operations during the relocation and productive start-up.

Structured to the goal: go your way with us - step by step

The arrangement of machines and workplaces, the mapping of material flows and work processes – all of this needs to be well thought out and planned in line with your strategy so that your location and its plant contribute to the competitiveness of the entire company. Where necessary, we subdivide the overall project into sub-projects and in this way lead you to your goal in a structured manner. As part of the implementation, we take over the project management and accompany you through to a stable process.

Contact us and let us know about your plans. Our consultants are curious about your ideas and goals and look forward to an initial discussion. Just give us a call or send us an email – directly to your contact person or using our contact form.  A first step for your strategic plant development.