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Make or Buy? We support your projects in the field of logistics outsourcing and insourcing

Are you faced with one of these strategic decisions with considerable range: Your Company is planning to outsource – a logistics outsourcing – of activities that you have previously performed yourself, such as outsourcing of warehouse logistics and commissioning to a logistics service provider? Are you thinking about reversing such a decision in order to develop your own field of competence in the future? Or is your company active as a logistics service provider that takes part in the tender for logistics outsourcing? Whether production, warehousing or shipping processes – MALORG Consulting accompanies you in the analysis, preparation and implementation of your project on the subject of logistics outsourcing as well as your insourcing projects.

At a glance: We consult

  • tendering companies in the field of logistics outsourcing,
  • supplying logistics service providers
  • and companies that want to (again) handle their logistics processes themselves in the future.

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Logistics outsourcing and insourcing – an overview

There are no industry standards for logistics outsourcing or insourcing of logistics services. The first step for each company is an intensive analysis of the individual current situation. This is the only way to make a well-founded decision as to whether a sourcing project makes sense and thus brings advantages. Small and medium-sized companies in particular often do not even know whether the outsourcing of certain logistics services is worthwhile because they have not yet carried out a corresponding comparison calculation. MALORG Consulting supports the process around your make-or-buy decisions with the use of profitability studies and feasibility studies. In the following we differentiate between three different scenarios:
  1. Companies that are in a phase of upheaval and restructuring often come to the point where they are thinking about logistics outsourcing and the award of contract logistics services. Every logistics manager should be aware that the outsourcing of previously self-performed activities not only has advantages but also disadvantages and risks. Our logistics consultants and planners support you in weighing up chances and risks and develop an individual strategy with you. Talk to us if you need further information on the subject of logistics outsourcing.

  2. We support logistics service providers who are faced with the decision to take on tasks of an external company in processing the tender, including preparing the offer and implementing the necessary steps. In addition, we look at current challenges together with you. Today, clients are more and more interested in individualized services and in the specialization of logistics service providers. Develop tailor-made concepts for your current customers and for potential clients with the consultants from MALORG Consulting.

  3. In the case of an expansion of your portfolio through insourcing of logistical activities, we support your company in introducing new, necessary structures and processes and help you to transition smoothly. Benefit from the know-how of our logistics consultants and planners.

1. Logistics outsourcing: the tendering company

The success of outsourcing logistics processes depends on the individual situation and the scope of services considered. From a company’s point of view, there are various reasons and advantages to outsource certain processes and activities. In logistics outsourcing, factors such as cost advantages, improved performance, concentration on core competencies, reduction of warehousing and production influences or the development of new customer segments often play a role. But caution is still advised: For example, new costs may arise elsewhere or the quality may suffer.
We keep an eye on the factors to be taken into account and analyse them together with you. Every business process requires individual concepts that are based on your company, possible partners and logistics service providers as well as your own customers.
Therefore, the basis of every logistics outsourcing project is the analysis of your current corporate strategy and potential. We look at the following points together with you and weigh the advantages and disadvantages for you:
  • improved and enhanced services vs. Loss of logistics competence and control
  • Concentration on core competencies vs. (Long-term) decision for outsource services
  • Application of specialist know-how vs. Risk aspects when drafting contracts
  • higher flexibility vs. potential loss of efficiency at the beginning of the partnership
  • Cost reduction
  • Avoidance of investment
  • Use of synergies

What if the benefits and opportunities outweigh the risks? Then we will develop an individual solution concept for your company. We attach great importance to the comparison of different solution variants. In addition, it is important to i.a. demonstrate cost potentials that do not result from inadequate cost recording and insufficient assumptions – the savings potential should be validatable and traceable. In the subsequent implementation phase of logistics outsourcing, we will still remain at your side as a contact. It includes the invitation to tender and the creation of the relevant documents.

We then moderate the offer presentations from the potential logistics service providers, carry out the evaluation procedure for comparing the existing offers for logistics outsourcing and make our recommendations. This gives you the best possible decision-making basis for the objective selection of a suitable outsourcing partner. Quality, reliability and know-how have to be right. When drafting contracts, we ensure a smooth transition of the processes without you having to interrupt your business activities.

Are you currently considering outsourcing logistics or outsourcing certain logistics services? Contact us without obligation and tell us about your company and your current considerations. Whether you have unanswered questions on this topic or specific questions about us and our approach – we are your contact and look forward to getting your message.

Outsourcing und Insourcing logistischer Prozesse - die MALORG Consulting berät Sie.
Outsourcing- und Insourcing-Projekte mit den Logistikberatern der MALORG Consulting durchführen.
Ob Outsourcing oder Insourcing - die Logistikberater der MALORG Consulting begleiten Ihr Projekt.

2. Logistics outsourcing: supplying logistics service providers

From logistics service providers’ point of view, we are a strong and experienced partner who accompanies you as a start-up and project manager. Do you want to enter into new partnerships, demonstrate your industry and customer-specific know-how and take part in a tender for logistics outsourcing? We support logistics service providers with an extensive offer and work out the personnel calculation for processes and overhead activities based on MTM and REFA times. We plan relocation and start-up scenarios and actively support the implementation. Ask about our experience in the field of tender preparation and implementation support. Discuss with us what our cooperation can look like and what advantages it will bring for your company.

3. Insourcing: We determine possible solutions for you

In addition to logistics outsourcing, the insourcing of logistics services is a possible step that you want to take as part of your corporate development. Here, logistics processes that were previously outsourced can now be considered so important that in future they should be handled internally, on their own, and included in the portfolio as a new core competence. Reasons can be quality assurance, individual adaptability of logistical processes and activities as well as cost savings. With MALORG Consulting you also consider your initial situation and possible solutions in the case of insourcing – always taking into account your future strategic orientation. Where do structures have to be adapted or redefined? We support you in assessing your insourcing project and will remain by your side afterwards. Our logistics consultants create an implementation plan and guide you through to a stable process.

What challenge are you facing with your company? Tell us! In a first meeting you can describe your current situation to us without obligation and discuss the options for further action.

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