Network planning and strategic location planning

Our network planning begins with the determination and visualization of your company’s potential and location structure

Is your logistics network currently being scrutinized or are you planning a site project? Do you need new logistics space or are you wondering where your new logistics location is ideally located? As part of network planning, we use special software tools for your company to make statements about strategic location planning and structural optimization as well as transport network planning and storage capacity utilization. Right from the start, we refer to ecological and sustainable factors, such as CO2 emissions, in network planning and work together with our partner Colliers International – experts in commercial real estate.

At a glance

  • Logistics location and network planning
  • Strategic location analysis & simulations
  • Strategic choice of location
  • Planning of logistics & production
  • Increase in the quality of results
  • Suggested solutions to increase efficiency
  • Implementation of new logistics and production facilities
  • Implementation competence
  • General contractor construction planning and building implementation
  • Introduction of Industry 4.0 innovations

Your contact partner

The market environment of industry and logistics is very dynamic. Well-founded concepts that enable your company to act flexibly and to set the strategic course for the future are even more important. Together with you, we question your company’s current network strategy and develop potential that was previously hidden from you. The software-supported optimization of your network structures also offers the possibility of visualizing potential in supply chain and guarantees you cost transparency. Each of our steps serves to validate possible changes. This enables you to make sustainable and efficient location decisions. The focus is on a permanent cost reduction for your company and the transfer of historically grown structures into a future-proof, strategically oriented logistics network.

Determining an optimal network structure – which is central to a successful network planning – you also need to determine the number and location of your operating locations. In addition, the assignment of articles at individual locations can be viewed and evaluated. The potential of your transport network is shown by recording current costs, routes and utilizations. With the help of the software tools used, we support you in the visualization, planning and optimization of your transport concept.

For us, network planning does not just mean providing you with figures and graphics. Rather, the analysis of the current structure of your supply chain serves as the basis for our advice. We draw the right conclusions for your company based on the results and in the further course of network planning we work out optimization approaches and recommendations for action for your company’s location structure and evaluate them.

For this strategic choice of location and logistics planning, we bring the specialist knowledge, detailed market knowledge and years of project experience with us to analyse these tasks with you and to objectively justify decisions for you. The best tools do not deliver any added value as long as their results are not interpreted by experienced and competent staff. Step by step we develop your individual location and logistics strategy and prepare the results for you so that the network planning is always transparent for you. Of course, we also accompany you through to implementation. Determine optimal network structures – using special software, together with experienced consultants. MALORG Consulting looks at your entire logistics network and its components together with you. What questions are you dealing with? Contact us to talk about what network planning and strategic location selection can look like specifically for your company.

Netzwerkplanung von den Logistikexperten der MALORG Consulting.
Die Logistik-Experten der MALORG Consulting unterstützen Sie bei der Optimierung Ihres Netzwerks und seiner Standorte.

The procedure: step by step and constantly understandable for you

After all the necessary data has been recorded, it can be managed using software. Real data, such as consignments and volume flows, transport costs with associated tariffs, storage and logistics costs are initially taken into account. They can be used to map the current situation in a realistic model.Comprehensive analysis, subsequently carried out describes the existing logistics structures. It defines a baseline scenario and possible, concrete scenarios of network change and network optimization are derived. In this process, any weak points can also be discovered and potential bottlenecks in the flow of goods and transport structures identified. Transparency is also the criterion in this processing phase: whether the location of warehouse locations, shipment structures, seasonal fluctuations or inventory levels – network planning reveals these factors.The data obtained thus form the starting point for all further optimizations in your logistics network and at the same time serve as a reference for the objective, economic consideration of models of possible future scenarios. Let us now take a look at those.

The next step of network planning will be to finally set up model variants. This is about the approximation of the scenarios to be assessed. The following are compared and determined, for example:
  • central vs. decentralised warehouse structures,
  • local / domestic sourcing vs. global sourcing,
  • the optimized number and location of warehouse locations in an idealized network and
  • the optimal route planning taking into account the distances covered and travel times as well as the costs incurred.

Clear and meaningful preparation of results

The strategic definition of the scenarios to be assessed is determined on your basis. In this way, framework conditions for the final planning of the scenario alternatives can be recorded, which are then calculated taking all influencing parameters into account. Relevant influencing parameters are, for example:
  • different service level agreements with individual customers or
  • an exclusion of defined regions, countries or even continents as potential supply points in the network.
Locations optimally located in the network can be calculated and a number of selected locations can be specified as fixed. We also support you with the actual choice of location. Learn more!
Finally, we visualize and present the reliable results and forecasts in meaningful diagrams and maps. All those involved have a clear view of the company’s own potential and the solutions developed for an optimized logistics network.We are happy to continue the cooperation beyond this point: We implement the results of our network planning together with you and are your contact person beyond the presentation of the recommendations for action. You benefit from the implementation competence of our consultants, who create a schedule for the realization and implementation of the results and plan and accompany the further procedure for your company.
In a personal and non-binding discussion, we will go into more detail with you on our approach to network planning and tell you more about other projects we have carried out. Take this opportunity to tell us about your challenges and ask your questions about our services in the field of software-supported network planning.

Contact us now or continue for further information about the strategic choice of location.

Optimieren Sie Ihre Lieferkette: Supply Chain Management von der MALORG Consulting.
Die Logistik-Experten der MALORG Consulting beraten Sie zu den Themen Netzwerkplanung und Standortplanung. | Logistikberatung
Planen und entwickeln Sie Ihre Logistikstandorte mit den Logistik-Experten der MALORG Consultung.

Transparent and objective choice of location, detailed layout planning

Your business has certain, individual requirements for your new logistics location. Criteria such as the industry you work in, your customer and order structure as well as your product range or your production processes influence the determination of its optimal location.
For example, are you active in e-commerce? Then your choice of location is likely to focus on the area around metropolitan areas: You are looking for land close to the city to ensure short delivery times and logistics properties in which a flexible logistics concept can be implemented so that you can react as quickly as possible to changes in your industry.
By evaluating qualitative and quantitative location factors and taking into account key figures that are decisive for you, we put the location decision on a solid foundation. The tools we use ensure that the entire process remains transparent and objective for you.
Once the decision regarding your choice of a strategic location has been made, your project will move on to the next phase. In the subsequent location planning and logistics planning, your needs as the user of the new logistics property remain in focus:
  • What challenges will your logistics have to master in the future?
  • How do you implement logistics and production processes as well as the resulting requirements in the new logistics property in the future?
  • Which logistics systems ensure efficient processes, make your customers happy and withstand economic considerations?
  • Which degree of automation of the warehouse is suitable for your processes?
We make sure that you find your new logistics property and make optimal use of it. We support the process and layout planning from the development of different concept variants to the detailed planning of the implementation variant and go with you into the tendering and awarding procedure. We are your interface to technology and IT providers. Your logistics property begins to pulsate.

Coordinated service portfolio

Our logistics experts and commercial property experts are by your side all the time. Take a look at the steps we take together with you from analysis to commissioning.

1. Strategic location analysis & simulation:

network planning & location search | supply chain simulations | determination of optimisation potential | modernisation and optimisation of processes and warehouse technology | review of the entire value chain beyond company boundaries

2. Strategic choice of location:

access to all plots | project developments and existing properties with database | strategic location selection with the IndustrialExpert tool from Colliers International and GIS analysis by the project team | objective comparison of all options using ranking | investment calculation for all real estate offers | transaction advice on purchase, rental or lease renewal, bidding process or tendering

3. Planning of logistics & production:

definition of your requirement profile | process and layout planning | investment calculation and cost simulation, profitability analysis | master plan studies | medium to long-term plant development | Brown and Greenfield concepts

4. Implementation:

General contractor planning and realization of your property | Commissioning of your property | Implementation support from manual and automated systems to stable operation | Project management including project monitoring and status tracking | Contact person directly on site

5. Innovation:

Feasibility Studies | Innovative and networked logistics technology | Implementation of logistics visions in virtual reality | Implementation support for Industry 4.0 innovations

A complete service package from your team of experts

Make the optimal choice of location strategically and together with us: Find the right logistics location with the right logistics property for your company and rely on future-oriented logistics concepts and systems. Analysis, planning and implementation – the experts at MALORG Consulting and our cooperation partner Colliers International will put together a complete and individual service package for all questions relating to location, real estate and logistics.

Colliers International is a leading global real estate service provider for investors, users, tenants and project developers with locations at the most important logistics hubs and covers the purchase and sale as well as the leasing and rental of real estate of all types of use. MALORG Consulting supports companies regardless of the sector in optimising, expanding and redesigning their logistical and strategic orientation. In our service portfolio we combine logistics consulting and logistics planning from potential analysis to the implementation and stabilisation of new structures, processes and technical systems as well as new logistics locations.

Contact us! We are ready to open up new places with your company and expand your logistics network. Our partner Colliers International has more information on cooperation regarding strategic location selection and logistics planning on their website. Take a look here:

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