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We won't leave you behind: Discover the possibilities that digitization offers you

Exciting and at the same time extremely challenging – that is Industry 4.0. The digitization of industry is advancing, whirling up entire industries and raising questions. Strong focus: logistics and production.

Some of the answers will only be revealed in the coming years. And yet: Positioning in the course of this so-called fourth industrial revolution is becoming increasingly important for companies. The course for this must be set as soon as possible in order to remain competitive in the long term. The fact that the term Industry 4.0 as such comes along without uniformly defined standards makes it difficult to achieve the desired orientation. So where do you start? This question moves many companies that deal with Industry 4.0 in terms of their logistics and production. How can potential be exploited without lapsing into blind activism? Ask us these questions. The consultants from MALORG Consulting are at your side competently.

Together with you, we develop solutions and innovative concepts for logistics and production that should shape your company in the future and advance digitization.

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  • Feasibility studies
  • innovative and networked logistics technology
  • Implementation of visions in virtual reality
  • Support for the introduction and implementation of new innovations

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Digitization: Design the change in your logistics with credible contacts

New intelligent technologies lead to more and more possibilities for the design and control of logistics and production processes. The use of modern information and communication technology enables considerable optimization potential to be exploited. The goal is networked processes that communicate with one another. The final desire is to make the entire value chain as transparent as possible and to be able to react flexibly to new requirements. Prerequisite for that is the use of intelligent systems that recognize, analyse and ultimately eliminate weak points in the value-added network in real time.

As a consulting company, we want to work with you to shape this change – digitization – in a sustainable manner and develop your individual concept on the subject of Industry 4.0 with you. Logistics and production play central roles in Industry 4.0. We plan the future of your logistics and production with you in the company and show you which innovations are right for you. The cooperation and communication between people, machines, logistics and products confronts you with strategic questions and requires openness to new things. Valuable support for upcoming changes comes from our consultants, who accompany you closely and are always reliable contacts for you and your digitization project.

Industry 4.0: Which approaches are right for the company and at the same time enable new ways of thinking?

In order to review your plans in context of Industry 4.0 and to assess the risks, we carry out a feasibility study. On this basis it can be decided how a project is to be carried out and which adjustments are to be taken into account. The result of the feasibility study determines how to proceed accordingly. We support you in the introduction and implementation of new processes, structures and ways of thinking. Your employees are a very important factor on this path. Automation, digitization, process networking – these processes fundamentally change the familiar workplace of your employees. It is all the more important to include them in the project from the start. You should become part of the project. Because your employee’s experiences are of great importance for your company. Communication and transparency become central factors for your project. Benefit from our project experience and our consulting approach to bring everyone involved together as early as possible. This is the only way change can succeed.

Control in real time, intelligent and flexible production processes, information technology networking – where are digitization and Industry 4.0 leading your company? This is also determined by the requirements of your customers, which must be given a strong focus. For some industries this means – and that already today – the fulfilment of customized individual requests without, however, losing productivity and efficiency. Join us in the topics of Industry 4.0 and digitization: Let us examine the aspects of swarm intelligence and cloud networking, robotics, human-machine interaction, driverless transport systems (AGVS), autonomous tugger trains and forklifts as well as augmented reality. Which systems can your company benefit from, where can work processes be facilitated and optimized and what role do your employees play in this? We work with you to develop efficient strategies that you can use to advance the digitization of your company and, in particular, logistics and production.

Industrie 4.0: Die Logistikberater der MALORG Consulting planen mit Ihnen innovative Lösungen.
Meistern Sie die Herausforderungen der Industrie 4.0 mit den Logistikberatern der MALORG Consulting.
Industrie 4.0: Gestalten Sie den Wandel in der Logistik mit den Beratern der MALORG Consulting.

Know what's coming: With virtual reality, you can experience your projects even before they are implemented

Your visions of today and jointly developed concepts for Industry 4.0 and digitization can also be explored and evaluated in virtual reality before they are implemented. We have made virtual reality (VR) our topic in logistics planning. Together with our partner viality, we are able to display your logistics, your warehouse, your production and even your entire value chain in virtual reality, so that you can use animation as a basis for communication in your company. By visualizing planning processes, misunderstandings can be avoided and a clear communication basis can be created. Such a model can also become a decisive criterion for the aspect of internal company acceptance of planning projects. Corresponding models and applications can also support internal training courses. Learned in virtual reality, implemented in the company.

We always focus on well-founded planning of your logistical future. Talk to us so that we can show you possibilities with which your company can successfully face digitization very soon. Rely on a competent partner at your side to achieve your goals and implement your visions.

Want to get started? Tell us more about your concerns and considerations. Write us an email with initial information, via our contact form or directly to your contact person (see above), or give us a call. We look forward to a first non-binding discussion.

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