Project Management

Project management for logistics: We accompany you through to stable operation

We want to successfully implement logistics projects for you and together with you. Successful and efficient implementation requires – especially in addition to the ongoing operation of your company – structured project management, for which internal personnel capacities are often scarce. MALORG Consulting takes on project management and accompanies customer projects through to stable operation. We make sure that all factors are coordinated with one another: From those involved in the project to their ideas and the motivation to implement new things to the available resources and the structure of the procedure. With us as a project manager, you avoid chaotic schedules and unclear responsibilities and ensure the success of the project.
As of this year, our consultants have also been IPMA Level C and D certified. The certificate confirms the special theoretical and practical aptitude of our team in project management.

At a glance

  • Work breakdown structure including definition of work packages and responsibilities
  • Scheduling, cost and resource planning
  • Risk management (initial identification, continuous review)
  • Reporting: drawing up and establishing the project calendar (jour fixe, steering committee, other regular dates) and preparation of the relevant documents (list of open points, status reports, etc.)
  • Progress and status control: early identification and elimination of resource bottlenecks and conflicts
  • Change management: recording of additional requirements for the project, evaluation and prioritisation as well as transfer to schedule, cost and resource planning.

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Project management phase I: set up the project

As soon as it is clear to you that we can support you in optimising or setting up new logistics processes, systems or strategies, we will approach the project goals with you step by step. This means that we formulate concrete goals together with you and with you.

Because the definition of the project goals is the basis for the creation of a work breakdown structure with which we divide the contents of the overall project into sub-projects and work packages. On this basis, the process and schedule are planned, followed by cost and resource planning.

We investigate the question of which communication measures are suitable and implemented in the context of project management in order to communicate the content of the project in the company. The communication of the project is one of the most important success factors. Companies that do not take their employees and the affected environment with them will quickly notice a lack of acceptance of the planned changes. Dissatisfaction, which can turn into reluctance, harms the project’s success. In practice, project newspapers, project reports and presentations, information days for employees or even the use of an intranet site have proven their worth.

These communication measures are to be used depending on the size of the project and are individually tailored to your project.In order for the project management to work effectively, suitable control measures must be introduced (jour fixe, steering committee, etc.) to ensure the exchange between all project participants.

Good communication is also generally central to project management: the organization of project kick-offs enables the presentation of the project goals, the project members as well as the division of task areas, assignment of work packages and the communication of the project plan.

Die Berater der MALORG Consulting übernehmen das Projektmanagement für Ihre Logistikprojekte.
Die Logistik-Experten der MALORG Consulting übernehmen das Projektmanagement für Ihre Logistikprojekte.

Project management phase II: carry out the project

The task now is to successfully lead the project that has already started. What is the progress, what is the status of the respective sub-projects? We check this regularly as part of project management, for example using the status step technique, which includes and reviews the individually defined progress for each milestone. In earned value analyses, we compare the actual costs to date against planned costs and the completion value. We prepare the results and visualise them for you using diagrams.

We transfer all recorded findings to the overall project status and progress and make forecasts regarding the fulfilment of defined milestones. The information is made available to the steering committee in reports. The constant and close contact with all project members through the project management we control enables problems to be recognised in good time. The intensive exchange enables an early reaction in the event of a conflict and, within the framework of risk management, the direct initiation of countermeasures. In addition, we regularly check the project for critical paths through structured project management. This includes the factors costs, personnel, deadlines and quality.

As part of change management, we compare the existing and promised requirements with new, changed requirements that arise in the course of implementation and – as soon as necessary – initiate the measures with which necessary adjustments in project management are taken into account and incorporated into further planning. This includes their evaluation and prioritisation and their transfer to schedule, cost and resource planning.

Until stable operation and handover: Successfully complete project management

We are your contact person until stable operation. We not only accompany you on the project surface, but work with you in the details and thematic subtleties. MALORG Consulting accompanies you and your employees until you are satisfied with the implementation of the project. You can trust that. We always have important key figures such as investment costs, running costs and personnel requirements in view. We use tools for personnel calculation, the determination of investment costs and economic efficiency, which were specially developed by us and are based on many years of project experience. MALORG Consulting is your advisor and partner. Rely on our experience in the areas of concept planning, implementation and project management and talk to us about your plans. We are sure that we can support you and lead your project to success together with you. We advise you individually with regard to your company-specific requirements. Ask us your questions and tell us about your concerns – by phone or simply send an email directly to your contact person (see above) or via our contact form. We are looking forward to your message!