Construction and general contractor planning

Quality criterion for your new building project: seamless coordination between logistics and construction.

No question about it: A new construction project such as the construction of a logistics center, a production plant or a warehouse property is something exciting and exciting for your company. However, it also harbours various challenges that mean efforts for those responsible, especially with regard to the coordination between logistics and construction.

As the client, you are in contact with many project partners who are handling the new logistics building together with your company and performing different tasks. However, these cannot be processed separately from one another. Good coordination between all parties is required. Also between the construction company and your logistics planner. Because good coordination between logistics and construction is a quality criterion for the implementation of your project.

At a glance

  • Location analysis
  • Building cultivation
  • Strategic plant development
  • Architecture and TGA planning
  • Warehouse and logistics planning
  • Structural engineering
  • Production planning
  • IT process planning
  • Retrofit

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Interfaces between construction, logistics and production planning

We encounter this topic in every implementation project in which we are involved. An important reason to take a closer look and to design the cooperation between logistics and construction in a professional manner. With one of our partner companies in the construction sector, we have worked out a catalog of services that defines critical interfaces between construction, logistics and production planning. In this way, we ensure that these interfaces are always clarified together at one table as key topics. For example:
  • Floor plan structure – space management
  • Hall design – fire protection, air conditioning and technical building equipment (TGA)
  • Special features in construction – inertisation, cooling and deep-freezing, dock seals and loading sluices
  • Technical installations – load capacities and base plate
  • Plant planning – energy efficiency guidelines
In this way, we avoid the loss of information for you and reduce your coordination effort with regard to the coordination of logistics and construction internally.
With such a well- coordinated planning team at your side, you give the future logistics of your company a concrete face.

Impressions of construction and general contractor planning

Neue Logistikimmobilie: Mit der MALORG Consulting setzen Sie auf eine lückenlose Abstimmung zwischen Bau- und Logistikplanung.
Ihr Logistikberater: Die MALORG Consulting unterstützt Sie bei der Realisierung Ihres Logistik-Neubaus.

Seamless integration across the entire project

Our strengths are the extensive experience in which topics have to be considered at the interface between logistics and construction, as well as the overarching specialist skills – bundled as THE ONE contact for your new building project. In developing the task with you, we see ourselves as both lateral thinkers and process optimisers, right up to project developers and general planners from a single source. We coordinate and accompany the tender and the implementation of your individual solution in the structural, technical and logistical area – up to the commissioning of the systems. We ensure that logistics and construction are seamlessly linked throughout the entire project.

What are your options? Find out with us

Our cooperation is not only linked to specific construction projects. We would also be happy to come to your company and hold workshops in which we clarify questions like these: Where do you stand with your company? Where do you want to go? What options are there to help you achieve your goals? What are the costs? How much time do conception and implementation take? Is that also possible during operation?
You want to keep pace with the competition, get a head start with innovative solutions – and then contact us, even if you are still at the very beginning with your considerations.
We are your neutral partner who shows you what is possible. Together with you, we will discuss and determine strategies, locations, routes and concept variants. Then you decide how to proceed with the knowledge gained.
Benefit from our collective knowledge and put the analysis and implementation of your logistics requirements in reliable hands. We look forward to initiating, planning and implementing your new building project together as a team and at one table.
Contact us, we will answer any unanswered questions at any time and look forward to your thoughts and plans. Just give us a call or send us a direct message by email – to your contact person (see above) or using our contact form.