Implementation and ramp-up management

With experienced experts - this is how we support the implementation of your projects

We plan and implement logistics projects with you. What does that mean and what are the advantages for you? We tell you on this page. For many companies and their project managers, realisations – whether a new logistics building or the introduction of new logistics IT and technical systems during ongoing operations – are nothing every day. That is why we want to accompany you with experienced experts in the implementation of your project plans and be your consultant.

At a glance

  • Implementation support and planning of your logistics projects
  • New logistics building, manual and automated systems, logistics IT
  • Project management including project monitoring and status tracking
  • Presence directly on site

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We support you in the various implementation phases

The successful implementation of projects is based on experience. These raise awareness of possible obstacles that could arise and lead to delays. In addition, existing experience prevents errors that can be avoided during implementation. Above all, technical know-how – e.g. in the context of the introduction of automated technology – and coordination skills are required. MALORG Consulting supports you during the various implementation phases. Talk to us if you are looking for competent and committed logistics planners for your project and want to have a partner at your side who not only makes suggestions at the conference table, but also designs and successfully implements changes with you. First of all, we coordinate the organisational details with you and your employees. In addition to defining the project structure and the overview of all employees involved in the project, we jointly define work packages and create a corresponding schedule for the smooth project flow. We attach great importance to continuous progress monitoring: We ensure that the schedule for implementation is adhered to and that the individual work packages are completed on time. To this end, we hold regular project and status meetings and keep a list of open points. A high-quality project management is indispensable for the implementation and the success of the realisation.

MALORG Consulting goes into detail with you

We not only maintain the project plan with you as a team, but also support you and your employees in the implementation of the detailed and implementation planning. We work out an overview of your requirements and are, for example, your contact person when drawing up the specifications. Our consultants conduct the relevant workshops and work with you and the respective provider to specify how these requirements can be implemented. When everything is finally coordinated with each other and with each other, the physical implementation can begin. We remain at your side for general implementation support – this includes coordination with the construction company and the technology suppliers. While your new logistics center, your new technical system and the new IT systems are taking shape, we stay in close contact with everyone involved and check the progress. We do detailed work at the interfaces.

Die Logitsik-Experten der MALORG begleiten den Anlauf und die Realisierung von Logistikanlagen.
Ihr Logistikberater: Die MALORG Consulting begleitet Sie bei der Realisierung Ihrer Logistikprojekte.
Impuls für Ihre-Logistik-Vision: Die MALORG Consulting plant und realisiert Ihr Logistikprojekte. | Logistikberatung

Controlled approach: start the logistics start-up well prepared with us

We want to save you negative surprises. A controlled approach and increased attention to handling change requests (CR) are of great importance to us. What are the change requests? These must be precisely recorded, justified and evaluated. We then aim at the logistics start-up, taking another look at important points with you in advance:
  • layout
  • Transition processes
  • TARGET processes
  • Start-up strategy
  • Personnel and training concept
  • Equipment
  • Emergency strategies, FMEA
As part of the implementation, we plan, define and carry out the commissioning and start-up tests together with you. If all processes are correct, we will work together on the system acceptance. In this phase we conduct performance and availability tests, among other things. After all, we will accompany you through to stable operation and thus remain your contact person even after acceptance. You and your team can rely on our consultants and planners until you are satisfied and everyday life returns to your company. It is our goal that projects that we carry out with our customers have a lasting positive effect.

Take responsibility, ensure sustainability

MALORG Consulting stands by your ideas, concepts and planning, which we develop with and for you. That is why we implement the developed concepts with you. We are your partner and companion until the process is stable.
Contact us and explain your concerns to us: What project do you want to tackle soon? We are happy to answer your questions and your concerns about logistics planning and implementation and are your contact for all project phases. Call us or write a message – directly to your contact person (see above) or via our contact form.
Logistics consulting from planning to implementation – that is what defines MALORG Consulting and the company’s philosophy. Managing Director Dr.-Ing. Markus Nave: “MALORG Consulting shows what will become of our work in practice. The implementation is at the same time a great incentive for a previously passionately carried out planning. “