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Step by step to optimisation: get an overview, question, increase added value

Take a look with us at the production planning processes. We are happy to be your contact and consider the relevant factors with you in order to avoid waste and so that your company can rely on the right strategies in the future.  Benefit from our experience in the areas of optimisation and planning of production logistics processes and production planning.

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  • Provision of materials
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  • Transport and dispatch of the end products
  • Organization and order
  • Production planning and control

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Ihr Ansprechpartner

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Question individual factors in your production planning

As you as you are producing, your company is doing well? That is only partly true. Your production logistics are made up of many individual parts.It is worth questioning, checking and, if necessary, optimizing these again and again. The higher the number of factors that play an important role in your production, the more weak points can exist. Perhaps you have already experienced the case that material does not get to production on time – a bottleneck arises because the material is stuck in the warehouse. This not only leads to trouble, but in the worst case scenario can mean a standstill in your production chain..

The consulting of MALORG Consulting starts directly at the source of the problem. Our logistics consultants go into detail and check the routes and the amount of material that is in circulation. We clarify where there are obstacles that can be removed for an optimal flow and which strategies of material supply are suitable for you.

We value the details of production planning and smooth coordination.

Production processes that are prone to failure can also arise when there is too much material in production and the employees are hindered as a result, or it even has to be sorted. Waste is not uncommon in the provision of materials. . A look at the usual processes of provisioning often reveals too many and unnecessary handling steps. Where are the long paths for the assembly workers, how much work do they have to put into preparing the material themselves before actually putting it into production? These are all questions of ergonomics that need to be clarified in the course of production planning.. Waiting times – or even downtimes – are always a warning signal for the company.

The consulting provided by MALORG Consulting is comprehensive. Our logistics consultants not only value the details, but also look at the whole. We offer you solutions for production planning by not only considering and optimizing the material flow as such, but also the factors that are related to it.

Impressions of the production planning


Optimize production logistics – increase added value

The goal should be to increase your added value and thus to synchronize your material flow with the production process. Failure-prone production logistics offers numerous approaches for solutions. All processes do not always have to be overturned and restructured. Changes in individual factors alone lead to better conditions.

Four things belong together: The right material must be in the right place at the right time in the right amount. The synchronization of information and material flow is one of the most important success factors within your production logistics. Another task arises from the optimization of order processing. Your internal supply relationships – how does the material get from the warehouse to the production employee – and the external supply relationship – how, what and when do you order from your suppliers?

Production planning requires conscious decisions

Your production should only have the material in circulation that is actually needed at this point in time. If the inventory in production is too high, this has various effects: significantly higher handling costs, long distances, too little space and the risk of mix-ups. All of this reduces the added value. To achieve the opposite, a consistently applied concept for your order planning and material control is important. Pull strategies from KANBAN to just-in-time and sequenced provision – depending on the different material requirements and properties – must be considered.

It is also possible within the scope of production planning to make the decision to make-to-stock vs. Custom production – large stocks per order or 1-piece flow. And finally, there are factors that are not immediately obvious when it comes to consideration: The ergonomic provision of the tool as well as clean, orderly production with defined areas and transfer points also contribute significantly to optimizing your production logistics.

Production planning: an overview of the most important things for you

Situation Effects
Material is stuck in the warehouse Material bottlenecks and possible downtime in production
Too high inventory in production Too many unproductive handling steps, lack of synchronization, risk of mix-ups
Lots of / unnecessary handling steps Waste in material provision
Long distances for the employees unproductive, waste of resources for the core production process
Clutter in the production area Waiting and downtime in production
Providing the wrong material Production loss

We would be happy to advise you on the subject of production planning

There are many possible adjusting screws that you can turn – you do not have to decide on your own which are the right ones for optimizing your production logistics.

Do not hesitate and contact MALORG Consulting – our consultants and planners will be happy to help you find the right solutions for your company. Contact us by phone or write an e-mail – directly to your contact person or via our contact form.

We give you an insight into practice; take a look at our reference projects: : For example, for BMW and VW we planned and implemented the provision of materials using a clocked tugger train. We have also planned and implemented similar concepts for medium-sized companies, for example for MTU Maintenance , Airbus , Vorwerk or Deutsche Bergbautechnik ( Wuppertal and Lünen).