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Meet new requirements – develop measures for process optimization with us

What about the efficiency of your business processes? Are your company and its logistics equipped for future challenges? Check these questions with us to keep pace – with the increasing dynamics of our world and a constant change in the requirements for the operational processes of companies. Our consultants and planners support you in process optimization in logistics and production as well as upstream and downstream business areas.

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  • Process analysis
  • Efficiency increase
  • Use of Kaizen and continuous improvement process (CIP)
  • Process training

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New customer requirements or changes in your company:There are important times when the analysis of possible measures for process optimization is necessary in order to remain competitive and maintain quality. Are you currently questioning your processes in logistics or production? We support you in finding the right level for the changes. Resources and information must be networked in a meaningful way. In addition, a lean organization helps your company to work more efficiently as a whole. And as a result, greater efficiency means saving unnecessary costs. It can be difficult to evaluate the current situation of the company and its areas from day-to-day operations. This is not unusual, as many processes are internalised in such a way that a possible need for measures for process optimization is not initially noticed. Or the company simply lacks time and resources. With us at your side, you will define the goals of process optimization and uncover previously untapped potential.

Increase efficiency with process optimization

One focus is on putting your customers first and aligning the processes in the company to the requirements of your customers. What does that mean? All processes that, from the point of view of your customers, do not represent any benefit or added value must be abolished.  After all, your customers don’t want to pay for it either. In many projects, our consultants have already developed strategies that (again) focus on the customers of our clients and thus increase their satisfaction.In addition, our logistics consultants are proficient in the methods and principles of lean management.  

The starting point for process optimization is the analysis of the current situation. We come to your company to record the process and thus lay the foundation for well-founded analyses. We work with different modelling languages ​​and models for the representation of business processes (including business process model and notation, event-driven process chain, value chain diagram, flowchart) and thus develop the potential of the company. We use value stream analyses and logistics indicators to pave the way for improving processes. However, we do not want to stop at process recording. We develop and accompany implementation measures for you, with which the highlighted potential can also be exploited. The optimized process design, which determines the orientation of the optimization measures and the further procedure, is of great importance for this. We use it to map your future business processes and coordinate individual processes in a target-oriented manner. Optimizing logistical processes: Together with us you will manage this detailed work.

Workshops for process optimization: Develop improvements with the entire team in training courses

Our consultants do not come to your company to turn everything upside down, but take a structured approach and develop meaningful solutions with you. Process optimization and lean management as a whole move not only your customers but also your team into focus. Have you ever heard of TPS – the Toyota Production Principle? It forms the basis for a customer-oriented, low-waste, error-free, robust, flexible and employee-oriented  company. It comprises central instruments by which these properties are secured. The Japanese car manufacturer Toyota is constantly developing the TPS methods. Our consultants have internalised this approach for themselves and the cooperation with our customers and will also show you the advantages.

One possibility that has proven itself time and again in the past is to carry out process workshops, which we align with the Kaizen concept, , the core of which is characterised by the term continuous improvement process (CIP). This is about a constant, step-by-step – instead of a one-off – improvement. Managers and employees are equally involved here. This increases the acceptance for changes and adapted processes as well as employee motivation. Other goals include increasing quality and competitiveness, trouble-free work processes and avoiding waste.

The important thing is: We take a holistic view of your company and look beyond company boundaries in order to equip you for future tasks. Process optimization does not only affect your logistics department or production. Your company areas are therefore not analysed independently of one another, but rather in a coherent manner. We take into account the requirements of your industry, your customers and the development of your company. Rely on our experience. We look forward to talking to you about your plans and starting the process optimization.

Call us or send a message with your request – directly to your contact person (see above) or via our contact form. Our consultants will be happy to answer your questions and make an appointment with you for a personal, non-binding meeting.