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We put your requirements and the needs of your customers at the center of our logistics planning and warehouse planning

You have come to the right place if you want to build a new logistics center, strive to modernize and optimize your current logistics processes and warehouse technology, or want to expand your existing logistics structures. With MALORG Consulting you can rely on many years of experience in the fields of logistics planning and warehouse planning as well as warehouse optimization. Our consultants and planners develop individual logistics concepts that match the requirements of your company and its logistics. Whether manual solutions, highly automated systems or a combination of manual and automated processes. Your requirements and the needs of your customers are the focus of our warehouse planning.

At a glance

  • Green meadow planning (new building)
  • Modernization and optimization of logistics processes and warehouse technology
  • Expansion of the existing logistics
  • Potential analysis

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Warehouse Planning: Signs You Can’t Ignore When Competing

Various circumstances can prevent companies from exploiting the full potential of their warehouses.SFor example, do you notice that an existing warehouse in your company is reaching its capacity limits? If the company is on a growth path, these are reached quickly. Or have you restructured your product range and need to react accordingly? In addition, our logistics planners often find that companies in the area of land use – within the warehouse – are leaving potential untapped. We develop and implement solutions for you with which you can organize your warehouse efficiently in the future. Among other things, we check your current warehouse utilization and stock levels and, as part of our warehouse optimization, always attach great importance to checking your current costs. In this way, we make relevant statements about potential savings and analyze with you the distribution of your current storage, technology and personnel costs.

The optimal layout and well thought-out warehouse planning are prerequisites for your warehouse to achieve optimal performance. Insufficient storage capacity has a negative effect on the satisfaction of your customers: for example, if you cannot process enough orders. Poor delivery quality should not become permanent. Dissatisfied customers quickly turn away from the company. With MALORG Consulting you start the analysis of your potential and the warehouse optimization. We will find out with you whether your processes in the area of warehousing are too complex and whether they are disrupted, for example, by ineffective double handling of the material. Together with you, we develop solutions for modern warehousing and the optimal movement of goods. In this way we analyze your material flow, which can also be too time-consuming due to insufficient IT support. In addition, together with you, we question the currently implemented strategies for deliveries by your suppliers. Outdated warehouse technology also often leads to low parts availability. If that’s the case for you, we’ll find out with you.

Are you wondering whether and where you can still exploit potential in your logistics processes? Tell us about your company and the current challenges. We accompany and plan the warehouse optimization for your company. This puts your customers at the center of your actions and the company acts economically. Contact us and take a look at the topic of warehouse planning together with us. We find out which approach makes sense for your company.

Partner and companion for planning a new logistics center

Or are you at the beginning – in the middle of the green field, so to speak – in front of the new construction of a logistics center and are you looking for a partner and companion for the logistics planning and implementation of your project? You also ask yourself what requirements your warehouse will have to meet in the future? Find the right answers with a team of consultants who, based on many years of project experience, know what needs to be taken into account in logistics planning and warehouse planning.

As part of warehouse planning, we proceed in a structured manner in order to develop suitable solution variants for your company together with you – also directly at your site. Because trust is created through closeness and a strong, partnership-based cooperation. First we get an overview by recording the current state: What is the situation with your stocks and which connection structures are there between source and sink? The graphic representation of the material flow – the material flow layout – also provides information about the essential characteristics that shape the processes in your warehouse and the entire plant. Our logistics consultants evaluate the data collected and, on this basis, define warehouse performance indicators that are of great importance for further warehouse planning. Your future needs are the focus of our warehouse planning and are the basis of a concept individually tailored to your company.

Impressions of logistics planning and warehouse planning


Warehouse planning that fits your company

In the next step, process recording and potential analysis are the focus of warehouse planning. Then we create the optimized target processes for you. Whether modernization, expansion or new construction – MALORG Consulting creates logistics concepts and layout variants for you, with which warehouse planning takes on concrete features. Our warehouse planning is characterized by the development of innovative processes and intelligent solutions. On the basis of 2D and 3D drawings that we prepare for you, we will start the discussion with you about the variants under consideration. The aim is to determine the right warehouse strategy and warehouse planning tailored to your company.

The evaluation and discussion of the variants resulting from warehouse planning is based on important key figures such as investment costs, ongoing costs and personnel requirements. This results in a comprehensible and well-founded basis for you to make the decision as to which variant of the warehouse planning should be implemented. We use tools for personnel calculation, the determination of investment costs and economic efficiency, which were specially developed by us and are based on many years of project experience. We would like to introduce some projects to you at this point. Our customers in the field of warehouse planning include Berker , BMW , ELV , l-shopteam , Siemens and beeline.

Comprehensive warehouse planning: We support you with the tendering process and the selection of providers

Warehouse planning combines many project phases. As soon as the decision on a variant to be implemented has been made, our consultants and planners can create the tender documents for the warehouse technology and logistics IT on the basis of detailed planning – in which material flow and information flow concepts are concretized. Their requirements are determined as part of the IT conception. We support you in the selection and implementation of a suitable warehouse management system as well as in the search for the right provider for the new warehouse technology. You can rely on holistic logistics planning.

After the tendering phase, we evaluate the offers received and are the contact person for all questions that arise on the part of the provider. Our consultants take on the moderation of the offer presentations and support your company by creating an objective comparison of offers in the final selection of the right provider. With the decision made, the creation of the specification begins, which we also support, as well as the entire implementation and commissioning phase : responsible logistics planning through to stable operation.

Our suggestion:We will introduce you to MALORG Consulting and our warehouse planning services in a first non-binding discussion! Do not hesitate to contact our contact persons directly or send us a message using our contact form. Tell us about your current situation and find out what options there are for your company when it comes to warehouse planning.

Warehouse planning – everything at a glance

We walk through your warehouse together with you and develop specific measures to optimize your warehouse logistics. Or we accompany you in your already formulated project plan – from the start of the project to a stable ramp-up. We implement our warehouse planning with your company and are your present contact person, your logistics planner and your project manager: We …
  • look at your company with you,
  • evaluate your data,
  • take up processes,
  • carry out potential analyzes,
  • create the target processes,
  • create logistics concepts and layout variants,
  • create personnel and cost calculations, compare variants,
  • the technology and IT tender,
  • evaluate offers and
  • accompany you through the implementation phase
  • until stable operation.

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